Sustainable urban development

We provide you with a business support tool that enable you to create a sustainable urban development. We have over 30 years of experience in contributing to the co-operation and support for operational development in planning and zoning. With GEOSECMA our clients can feel secure in the knowledge that all our products are aligned and in compliance with national and local regulations and standards. Our modern solutions enable digitization and dialogue with the community.

Faster planning and zoning

Our solutions provide digital tools that shorten and simplify the planning and zoning process. Through GEOSECMA, and the supporting ArcGIS platform, we provide our clients with the tools to work with a completely digitized building, planning and zoning process. The workflow contains the following features:

  • Planning & zoning
  • Data capture
  • Base maps
  • Spatial planning
  • Property development
  • New-building map
  • Building permits

A better service through integration and co-operation

Our solutions enable co-operation both internally and externally.

GEOSECMA is an open platform. This means that geographical information can be accessed by anyone in the organization with access, and be both read and published irrespective of the input being used is own data, open data or authority issued data.

GEOSECMA can be integrated with case management systems for permits regarding construction, environment and planning. By sourcing data from multiple case management systems i.e. population data, property information and spatial planning you are presented with a more accurate and wider planning and decision base, during the construction permit process.

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