An investment for the future

We provide you with a tool that enables you to create a sustainable and attractive city. S-GROUP Solutions have over 20 years of experience in contributing to integration and supporting operational development for local governments. Our solutions enable you to:

  • Prioritize investments based on existing resources
  • Offer the best possible service and support to the community

With GEOSECMA as a solution our clients can develop and service high quality technical infrastructure; efficient water & sewage operations, maintain streets and roads, enable traffic safety, build attractive and well-kept park and green areas and secure that all areas of the city have functioning and sufficient lighting.

A futureproof solution

Our products have been in continuous development together with our clients over the past 20 years. They are always in compliance with local and national regulations and standards to deliver the most modern solution on the market. With GEOSECMA you can safely take on the challenges of an ever more digitized world, since all our modules present the latest available data from national and local authorities. This allows you to process vast amounts of information and present it in fashion that turns it into a viable tool regardless if you are on your desktop or offline out in the field. GEOSECMA digitizes, simplifies and create technical and operational efficiency for the local government. This means that you document, process data, maintain, plan and improve all aspects of your city, and surrounding areas.

Better service through co-operation and integration

Our solutions enable cooperation both internally in the municipality and with external resources for maintenance and operation. GEOSECMA is an open system. This means that almost any external data can be integrated into the platform, i.e. information from citizen records, billings systems or support/task management systems. The outcome of all these integrations is the enablement of a shared data source that enables co-operation and the possibility to create a collective view.

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