Welcome to S-GROUP Solutions

S-GROUP Solutions is an independent part of a growing, private IT-group focusing on spatial information and geographical information systems (GIS). Our company operates in an increasingly interesting niche – the public sector – and our customers are mainly local governments and authorities. It is in the public sector we have our history – for 30 years we have developed and sold the most comprehensive and integrated IT-solutions for supporting municipal operations.

Our future is bright

It is also in the public sector our future lies – no player has greater experience of the public market and their specific needs. The demand for digitalization will make the need for a modern, functioning business support to grow even stronger. Our own expertise together with our close relation to the world´s leading software company for spatial information (Esri Inc) gives us a unique position in the market. Our ambition is to give our customers efficiency enhancing IT-solutions for parts of, or, their entire business. We work with module-based systems which allows the customer to invest gradually in their business development.

We are not generalists. We are specialists

This means that we cherish our knowledge about all parts of the municipal landscape and the wide range of operational areas, from planning to asset management of public infrastructure such as streets, water and sewage networks, parks and green areas. This is a necessity for us to speak the same language. And the dialogue with you as a customer and user is invaluable. We are no pioneers, but we develop in pace with the latest technical progress. Short – we want to represent wise technical options. Regardless if you use our solutions today or tomorrow it shall work no matter what. This is what we call “innovative security”.

What we offer

With “products” we not only refer to the technical solution but also guidance, installation, education, helpdesk support and not least continuous development of the solutions we have delivered. We offer products that grow with the task and that help the users to develop within their professions. Today we are around 70 employees and we have operations in Sweden, Finland, Poland and Lithuania. Through further development of existing markets, and an active focus on new markets in Northern Europe, we can continue to grow.

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