We want to see you grow

At S-GROUP Solutions you will quickly become an integral part of a fast-growing business. You will be challenged on a daily business to develop solutions that make our clients business more efficient by connecting different know-how and knowledge. Because we are problem solvers, at heart, but we work so closely with our clients that we often solve the problems before they surface. It is on that mission we need you, your passion, your commitment, your drive and unique qualities.

What is your passion in life?

To give you the best possible prerequisites we give you access to the latest groundbreaking technology and tools, dedicated team mates and a working climate where we understand the value of having fun together, as well as developing your unique skills. If you want to work in an exciting industry, in a growth company, where you are met by quick decisions, hackathons, participating in product development and a sense of pride in what we do, welcome to S-GROUP Solutions! Register your CV and let us know how you are, tell us about your unique qualities and passions in life!

Commitment every day

In the day-to-day operations, all employees are encouraged to create the best possible prerequisites for our clients. A vital part of that commitment is that you are open and susceptible to change; We must all find new solutions, and reevaluate our ways of working. In a fast-moving industry, we are constantly forced to take a pragmatic approach to our contribution. Therefore, we apply an agile method in all development. Every step forward, and every success, presents us with new information that we assimilate, evaluate. The result either confirms our initial thought, or forces us to rewrite it.

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A career with us

We are proud to say that most of our managers, even senior management, have built their careers from within the company. This is the result of a very conscious strategy to continuously develop all our employees from a competence perspective. Together we have shaped the next generation of leaders. This is how we know that we can develop and shape your career to a position where you are always faced with new and exciting challenges.

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